“Martin has a career of

high quality leadership experience and brings this to life in an engaging and vibrant manner,

relevant to us all.” 
James Harrap, 


We are passionate about the importance of people leading people.


We know for Leadership Development to deliver tangible impact the programs must be tailored to the unique needs and context of your business and the nuances of the environment. It is for this reason our programs are linked to organisational context, creating evidenced sucess when senior leaders champion the development efforts.


We are committed to developing programs that exist at the collision of your needs, and our experience supporting organisations and individuals in personal growth and development.

We believe teams can only achieve great things when individuals understand how to realise their personal potential within the organisational context, and how to adopt growth and development strategies that are aligned to the organisation.


People lead people



Your choices


Great Feedback

“Understanding that there is a balance between person and task is a game changer to learning leadership. Thank you for the reminder.

Olivia Ryan, Senior Manager  EY

“In life we sometimes play safe, but drive it like you stole it, away from your goal to turn it around and hit it harder,

to push through was exceptional.”

Cavell Cooper, Hugo Alexander Property Group

“Excellent insight on leading people who are often very different to us. Also enjoyed hearing about growing through accepting and acting on feedback.”

Alan McFadyen, Founder - BitWinder

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April 4, 2020

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April 3, 2020

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July 17, 2019

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