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Which R you choosing?

Like most people at this time of year you might be taking the chance to

  • review the year past

  • think about what worked…

  • think about what didn’t work so well…and

  • what you would want to do better in the coming year.

But are you making a RESOLUTION for the year?

or is it just a hopeful REQUEST for something to be different this year…?

According to Forbes magazine only 8% of people to achieve their New Year’s RESOLUTIONS.


What needs to be present in 2016 to make the difference between what you have RESOLVED to do and getting RESULTS

or will there be REGRET from not achieving something that is important to you right now.

As an executive coach the premise in working with people is acknowledging that they are RESOURCEFUL and have choices in how they RESPOND to an issue or circumstances…

What needs to be present is different for each one of us…often it is something that we might be blind to or something that we have assumed away…

What are the assumptions that you might need to REASSESS?

What might you need to do to increase your RESILIENCE to push through when the going gets tough?

What can you do to get out of the RUT and put in place RITUAL actions that will set you on the course to achieve those RESOLUTIONS?

Who will support you?

Which of your strengths will help you most?

What RESPONSIBILITY do you need to take to nourish your potential and QUENCH your RESOLUTION?

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