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How do you think about time?

What was last year like for you?

As a leader did you achieve all that you set out to do?

If you did, then congratulations…I trust that you duplicate that focus this year and share the why and how with others.

As a coach the one of the most common challenges that I hear is:

‘How can I create more impact as a leader…I know it is important but I feel like I am missing out on the opportunities to be there for my team…I need to make more time for leadership!”

We intuitively know that time is our only limited resource…168 hours in 7 days…yet some how most of us will struggle to maintain the priorities that we set for ourselves.

There is a focus on right now to address being “busy” all the time or what I call ‘busy-ness’ i.e. ‘I am busy working in my business!’

So if we want to address this ‘busy-ness’ something has to change…

Like you I have sought out the myriad of efficiency ideas out there in the market…some with success and some less so.

‘The greatest gift you can give is your TIME, because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back.’ Anon

Then how we think about time is critical!

As the quote says time is a precious resource that we will never get back. It is our greatest gift to give as leaders and also for ourselves. Our mindset around how we think and regard time will be defining as a leader, in our work achievements and in our personal lives.

If you were stranded in the desert with limited water, you would seriously focus on how you managed that life essential resource.

Doesn’t it make sense to consider time in the same way?

‘Time as a life essential resource!’

Should we deliberately manage our consumption of time as if our lives depend upon it…

….if you think about it, time is a resource.

We do have a choice about how we spend it…even with the demands of our various responsibilities…time is ours…if we choose!

Those time choices made wisely, will at the end of our days, help define our achievements, our legacy and the memories of our lives!

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