It is not about the sound bite

I was recently standing in a queue at a coffee cart at a market. Beside me was a local candidate from a political party for the upcoming election. He had a dog, which of course is always a great conversation starter even if you don't have one...a safe topic particularly for a politician.

Rather than get the spiel, I quickly offered that I did not live in the area and was visiting. Asked where I was from, I mentioned that I was a veteran. The next question might be an inquiry of where I had served or something like that...rather I received a policy sound bite...

'We have just announced that if we are elected we would appoint a State Veterans Affairs Minister'.

I think that is a fantastic idea...however I think that politicians and those wannabe's would do well to better connect with people before they jump into a policy sound bite. I am sure there is only a small window for a conversation however I think you do better when you connect with people.

As Theodore Roosevelt said 'Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care'.

The policy sound bite doesn't do much to show how much a politician cares...